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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students passed online exams and grades/certificate are not showing in portal?

Please follow these steps below to retrieve the grades/certificate.

1. In the class roster, click directly on the student's name.
2. Then a new page will appear, please click on "retrieve grades from 
test.com" button. This will generate the grade.
3. Click on "save" button at the bottom of the page.


  • How can I get more information or help? 

For all information and assistance, you can receive support from the IPC certification team by using the Help Desk as the email method has been phased out. The help desk can also be accessed through the Certification Portal by selecting the tab labeled Help Center Portal. *Note* you must create a login for the Help Desk in order for your inquiry to reach us successfully.

  • I don't see my certification details in My Summary. 

Please contact your trainer and ask if they’ve submitted the training report to IPC. The trainer has one week to do that and the certificate will show up under My Certification Summary within 24 hours after submission.
Please let us know if trainer submitted the report and you can't see any record after 24 hours.

  • My Summary has the incorrect certification number and/or expiration date.

Please contact your trainer/training center to verify your detailed certification information. 

  • I don’t want to receive a lot of emails at work or at my personal email address. That is why I haven’t provided my email.

IPC does not sell or distribute emails. If a user does not want to receive emails from IPC they may opt out by visiting the Communication Preferences under View IPC Profile.

  • Can I use my email address for my students?

No, an email address may only be used by a single user.

  • How do I export certification summaries?

Click on the MS Excel icon in the top right hand corner of the summary.

  • Can I have my student password email directly to the trainer?

No, providing the password to you directly presents a security issue as this provides you access to other portions of the IPC site as well. The students will need to retrieve their own passwords prior to taking the test. Passwords are never allowed to be shared. Once they log in, they can enter their email address and retrieve their password.

  • My error message reads “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘dialog’?

This could be a browser issue. Consider asking your IT department to update you to one of the newer IE versions. Using a different browser such as Firefox should resolve the issue as well.

  • Does the class details have a print option?

The class details does not have a print option. Open the class and print using your internet browser’s print option.

  • The pull-down menu for Canada has no provinces available, the listing only shows states?

Though the state field has a drop down list, it also has a free text field that will allow you to type in the province.

  • If you are a student and you will be attending first time training and you were instructed to have your email/password prior to the training-how do you do that?

You will need to create a profile since we do not already have you listed in our database. You may create your profile using the link below.

  • How does the online print function work?

1. Sign on to https://certification.ipc.org
2. Select View/Edit Class
3. Select Enter New Class
4. Enter class details (course, modules, trainer’s employer, course type and training dates)
     a. The Trainer’s employer will default to display your company name.
     b. The course type for training reports is online print
     c. Select the drop down menu labeled invoices, select an invoice from the dropdown menu. Click on the “add invoice” link next to it.
5. Click Add to save the class details.
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Enroll Students (see more instructions for adding a student below)
7. Once students have been added, click Return to Class Details
8. Click on a button located mid to bottom of the page labeled “Download Tests" button. 
9. After clicking Download, the test will be displayed as a Zip file. You can then open the files and print the exams. 

  • How do I enter the grades?

Grades are entered by the total number of questions answered correctly. You no longer need to enter the percentage. Once the score is entered, click on save. Repeat this for all modules.

  • I accidentally created a duplicate class record, it needs to be deleted, what do I do?

The website won’t allow you to submit without a certificate number. Since we are deleting the record because it’s a duplicate anyway, type in the word DELETE in the certificate number field.

  • How can I update existing contact information for one of my students in my class via the Online Portal?

Email addresses can be updated after you enroll a student in your class. Once enrolled, click on edit to the right of the student’s name and you will then be able to update the student’s email. You can update the Certificate Name by modifying the Certificate name field. Click on edit to the right of the student's name to open the Certificate name field and then make the appropriate changes to the name and then click save. 

  • I created my profile, and now my certifications are missing, I cannot access my portal. Why?

Because we already had you listed in our database when you created a profile, it created a duplicate record in our database. Please submit a help desk ticket with a description of the problem and we will correct the issue on your behalf.

  • I set up a class, chose all 9 modules and then added students. When I try to add test results, it only gives me the option for the first two mandatory tests, now what?

Here are some options for you, you can continue with what you have and then once you submit the class, create another class with the optional Modules.

Another option is to DELETE what you have and start over, unless the students have scores. Once scores are added you need to submit the class. You may submit the class for those students and then create a new class with the optional modules for the students who does not have scores.

As a prevention method to keep this from happening in the future, before you add the student’s scores, double check the modules and then if you need to make changes, that would be the time.

  • How can I view all of the employees that has been certified at my Company?

This will require you to be a CQI Certification Representative. To request to be a CQI Certification Representative, just send a request to IPC using the Help Desk.
This will allow you to view all of the certifications at your site when you log into the Certification portal and view the Company Summary.

  • What is the easiest option to add a student to a class?

To find a student that is already in our database, perform a name search by entering the student’s last name and first name and click search. The portal will provide you with a list of names to choose from. If you see your student’s name, click on it to add them to your class. If your student’s name is not shown, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Add New Student. This will provide you with a form so that the student’s information can be added to our database.

  • I need to delete an enrolled student; how do I do that?

Once scores are added, it’s too late to delete the class. Here is what you need to do, click on the name of the student and then enter a note in the student’s record (in the student comments section) that you would like us to delete this record because it was just a test or duplicate or mistake, etc. and then once we receive it we can delete it on our end.
Then enter the certificate number and then click submit to IPC.

  • Will IPC use a new online test format (different questions) or will the questions remain the same (only a change in the question ordering)?

For all current versions, online exams are the same as the paper ones, with random order of questions and answer choices by each login. For future new revisions, the questions bank will be larger, the system auto-picked questions for each login could be different.

  • When using the online system, can the instructor choose a test format that is consistent for the entire class, in terms of test question order?

No, the test system (3rd party’s product) generates the random order of questions and order of answer choices per student’s login.

  • If the test question order changes for each student, and the instructor is administering the test manually, will IPC provide answer keys for each type of test format?

The system will generate the answer keys for each exam generated.

  • Will we still be able to print the online paper tests, without student names and a unique email address? (We oftentimes do not receive student names and email addresses until the first day of class.)

No, student’s name and email address are required and has to be unique.

  • I am not a CIT however; I am responsible for entering the training reports on behalf of our trainers. Is there a way for me to do this in the portal?

Yes, but this role is limited to one per site. A CQI Program Administrators may enter reports on behalf of their CITs. The CQI Administrator would be able to schedule classes for all CITs/MITs at your site. There are no prerequisites.
The ideal candidate is the person most responsible for entering reports and maintaining the certification records. To become a CQI Administrator a request must be now sent to IPC using the
Help Desk. Please also have a consent from your HR office and/or your supervisor.

  • If I give you my students email, can you send them a password?

If your students do not know their password, then have student click on the link. 


My company name is not listed in the Trainer’s employer field. What do I do?

Please send a note to IPC using the Help Desk so we can add your location to the portal.

  • Can you delete my submitted class? I realized I made a mistake.

Once the class is submitted, we cannot delete. 

  • My student passed Module 1 and printed out a certificate, but it will not show passed in IPC database. What do I do?

If the grades do NOT post automatically, click on Retrieve Grades from Test.com. You should never remove the student from the class. Note that through his/her certificate number is not complete in the port, the proper certificate number is what is shown on the certificate he/she received. You may also need to enter the workmanship. To do this, click on the name of the student and then click on edit to the left of the module and select Passed/Failed from Workmanship drop down menu and then click save.

  • I am a certified CIT, why doesn’t the drop down button show my program to which I am certified for?

 Your certification may be expired or it is possible that your certification record has not yet been submitted. Please contact your trainer and have them submit your training via the CQI portal. 

  • This is the first time my student has taken a class; how do I validate a certificate for a first time student?

Use the validation function on CQI to validate the student's certification. 

  • Instructor Guides are moving to digital format. Just Digital copy on CD.

We are transitioning away from Instructor Guides in our training kits and moving all of that content to a digital format in the 'notes' section of the Visual files.  We will no longer have IG's for any new upcoming programs. 

  • My Last name has changed; how do I update my details?

Please send a request to IPC using the Help Desk so we can update this information for you. If you are just changing your email, you can go to View IPC Profile (upper right hand corner) to view your contact information. Click on Manage Account and then edit my profile.
If this is for a student, you can enter a note in the student’s record (in the student comments section) as to what the necessary changes are and then we can make that change for you. 

  • Is there a training course and/or video for the online portal?

The videos are available on the portal on the CQI home page. Please check out the HELP TAB on the portal for assistance in the portal.

  • I need a quote on certificates?

Please contact customer service for detailed payment methods:
IPC Customer Service
3000 Lakeside Drive, Suite 105 N
Bannockburn, IL 60015
1 847-597-2862 - Phone
1 847-615-7114 - Fax
contact.us@ipc.org – Email

  • What are the hardware and software requirements for the computers used for on-line testing?

As long as the tablet/laptop used one of the browsers below you will not have any problems.
Browsers supported by the CQI Portal:
Internet Explorer 9+
Safari 8+
Firefox 10+
Chrome 3+

  • The revision we are currently working to (which is A) only has 13 questions in Mod 5. When I enter the number of correct answers in the portal, it shows 15 possible instead of 13. How do I proceed with this?

When you set up the class, please choose the correct revision. 

  • When IPC releases a new revision, can I still use the previous revision? 

               Can I still certify my operators in rev. E? Is there a cutoff date when all students are to be certified in rev.F?

REV F is available on the portal and materials too (as of March 16, 2015)
IPC is not revision specific so the revision used is between your company and their customers. Many people train to new revision when it’s time to recertify.
IPC supports the training materials for current revision and the last previous revision training materials, however, if you do have rev E materials, you can continue to train rev E since we have rev E exams online. 

  • If we order bulk exams for multiple Companies or for the same Company, which may have multiple trainings schedule, does the discount still apply? Or does it only apply to one schedule class at a time?

The 10% discount is applied for a single order of an IPC training center with 20+ IPC products, which it also includes the online exams. It doesn’t matter what you use them for one company or multiple Companies.


  • What is the use and process for the use of an email for students?

The email is required for online exams (3rd party's product requirement). The email is required for the trainer to send confirmation once enrolled in their online exam class. The email sis also a login for access to their certification history and to be able to login for testing when needed. Additionally, the students will have access to view their certification history which is shown under My Summary. Each individual must have a unique email. If they do not have one they should be encouraged to create one using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other free email provider, using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other free email provider.

  • How to reset my password? 
  • Click here 


  • When the students complete the online exam, will they see their results?

Once exams are completed, the trainer can view his/her students’ results in one location. Results are posted automatically for online exam and are available. 

  • What is the minimum grade required for CIT exams?

The average of the closed and open exam must be 80%. The minimum score for a single exam is 70%. MITs will need to make sure that the test scores average out to 80%.

  • What is the course name for IPC-7711/7721?

IPC-7711/7721 and IPC-RWK are the same course.

  • Where can I go to get more information about CID certification?

Please click on the link for program information: http://dc.ipc.org/html/default.htm

You may contact any listed training centers directly for all of your questions and any detail training information such as fees, location and schedule.

CID training centers

  • How do I receive the certificate for the student? 

Once the student completes the mandatory module, you will see a DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATES button and then if you click it, you can download a copy of the certificate to your desktop. Please note that it may take a few minutes to download all the certificates. Also, if you just need a specific certificate for a student, you can click on that students CERTIFICATE number and then it will download that certificate just for that student. 

If you already submitted your class, then please click on your completed class and download the certificates. If you do not see your submitted class, click on the SHOW ALL button.

  • Will there be any translated revisions available?

If the desired language is available, it will appear in the dropdown menu. If you do not see your language, we do not have that translated revision available for testing.

  • Will instructor have access to exams prior to student taking the exam?

No, not for online exam. For the Online Print exam option, the instructor will have access to the printed hard copy beforehand.

  • What are the support hours?

The certification support team "The Help Desk" is available to answer your questions 10 hours per working day. Help Desk tickets are responded to Monday through Friday from 7:30 Central Time USA (CT) to 6:00 pm CT. Phone support hours are offered from 7:30 am CT to 6:00 pm CT by dialing 847-597-2982.

  • I lost my certificate.

Please contact your trainer, they need to sign and date it.

  • How do I enter the workmanship as complete?

You would click on the name of the student, click on edit to the left of the module, select Passed/Failed from Workmanship drop down menu and then click save. 

  • Student did not show up to class, can I change the name to a new student?

If a student does not show up to a class, instructors should not have someone else take the test in that student's name. The student should be deleted and the new student should be enrolled. Failure to follow this process will result in additional cost. 

  • Issued Certification Numbers not found on pending class, why?

It's not showing up because you need to SUBMIT the class to us. You can validate certificates 24 hours after submitting to IPC.

  • How long can I leave my online exam credits out there?

Online exam credits appear as invoices in the certification portal and will be available for one year after purchase date after which point they expire. Refunds and/or substitutions will not be granted once the credits have been purchased.

  • Policies and Procedures-What if I do not agree to the terms and conditions?

By accessing the portal and by exercising the rights of your Certified IPC Trainer Certificate, you are agreeing to the policy and procedures. In every IPC policy and procedures document IPC has stated that, by conducting classes and exercising the rights of your CIT certificate, you do agree to the Policy and Procedures in full. If you choose to not agree to the policy and procedures, that is your choice. However, if you choose not to agree with the policy and procedures, then your CIT certificate will be revoked. If you have any questions about the policies and procedures, please specify the sections you have the questions with and submit a help desk ticket titled policies and procedures. We do collect the user's feedback.  

  • Can I schedule my classes for more than 2 months?

You cannot have a class scheduled out more than two months at a time. If you have a class that will exceed the two-month time frame schedule you can now schedule the optional modules in a separate class. Please remember, classes should be submitted within one week of completion. Classes that are more than 30 days past the end date will be auto-submitted and all charges will be final. If circumstances prohibit you from submitting the class by the end date, edit the class and change the end date accordingly.

  • How do I become a CIT or MIT?

To become a CIT you will need to complete the CIT training course through one of our licensed Training Centers.  You can find a list of our training centers worldwide at http://www.ipc.org/ContentPage.aspx?pageid=IPC-Standards-Certification-Centers

You can copy and paste that link to your browser or you can go through the main IPC page at www.ipc.org, then "Knowledge">"Classroom training and Certification">"IPC certification and training centers".

Each training center sets the price and schedule for the training classes so the training center of your choice will be able to give you all of the information.

Just for future information, the MIT is a Master IPC Trainer who is employed by a licensed Training Center. You will get more information about the MITs when you attend the CIT training class.

  • Having issues in Test.com, for example, my student was kicked out in the middle of testing, now what?

Please click on the link to review the test.com trouble shooting document.


  • Why can't I see the answer to the questions I missed on the exams? 

IPC has received emails and comments about the insecurity of the exams when we show all the questions and answers. Members of our IPC Certification Team staff personally have witnessed a student attempting to make screen shots of the exam review which includes all of the answers to the exam. This alone is enough to warrant the change.

IPC also has information that instructors have done the same (taken screen shots of the exam) for their own purposes. The claim it is so that they can make sure to cover what is on the test. This is not a valid reason for what is, essentially, cheating. Instructors need to cover what is presented in the PPTs and cover all sections of the document.

All it takes is for the instructor to step away from the student’s computer for a moment and the exam is compromised. For these reasons and more, we have made the change to show only the questions that were missed. Due to limitations of the testing platform, we are at an intermediate stage between all or nothing. A missed question indicates that something was misunderstood. Either the student does not correctly understand the question or does not correctly interpret the section of the standard. In either case, the review can be done with the question and the section of the document.

Ideally we would show the question and the answer that the student selected. We would still get arguments that the presented selection is not what the student chose. The current programming of the online exam application does not allow for the ideal presentation.

We are making updates behind the scenes and will be rolling out new features and much better performance in the coming months. Our Online Learning Director is working with the programmers to enhance the system and make changes.

  • How long should the exam take to complete? 

The typical exam should be about 3 minutes per question on an open book question and 2 minutes per question on a closed book exam. The instructor may allow additional time if necessary when there may be an issue caused by English as a Second Language or if a student has a learning disability.

  • When I enrolled my students in the class, they only received a general email on how to set up password. Why?

 The password email is a universal email that will go to every person that is enrolled in a class. The purpose of the email is to direct the student to set up his/her password in EDGE 2.0. Any further instructions a trainer or training center wish to communicate need to be sent to the student from the trainer/training center. 

a. How will we know they took and passed the course?

 The instructor will have a, "Dashboard" of the courses assigned to the students in the class. The dashboard will indicate what sections the student has completed and what is still to be attempted.

b. Will trainers no longer have to cover policy and procedures?

 After the Enhanced P&P module has been activated, the instructors will no longer present the Policy and Procedures module in the live class. This should free up over an hour or more of time for the instructor to concentrate on the content of the standard.

  • How will this effect mod 1 test questions pertaining to policy and procedures?

 The questions about the IPC Policy and Procedures will be removed from the module exam and will be replaced with questions about the content of the standard.

  •  What is the grandfather rule for people that are already certified?

No grandfather clause is necessary. The IPC Enhanced P&P is becoming part of the certification program All CITs and CISs will complete the training with his/her next certification or recertification. There is no additional deadline for the online module, it is simply a required module for any certification.

  • Will the students be required to complete the online Enhanced P&P before class, on breaks or evenings during the class or even after the live class has been presented? 

The answer is that the student can complete the online Enhanced P&P before class, on breaks or evenings during the class or even after the live class has been presented.

In the new programming for the testing system, the student's certificate will be generated when all of the requirements for the class have been completed.

For example, In a CIS class for all of the modules in a J-STD-001 course the CIS certificate will be generated when modules 1-5 and the online Enhanced P&P modules have all been completed. If the student does not complete and assigned module (which includes the Enhanced P&P) the certificate will not be generated.

The instructors will no longer print and sign the certificates. The CIS will have his/her own log in and, when all assigned modules have been completed, will have the ability to print the certificate for himself or herself.

  • Will this be a module on the certificate?   

No. This will be part of the required module that must be completed before the certificate can be issued by the certification portal. It will not be designated separately from the mandatory module.

  • Will new CDs with updated slides be sent out to cover this?

No, there will be no new CDs or content for instructors. The module is completely online and is going to be delivered through the IPC EDGE 2.0 platform.

  • How will this free-up classroom time if you are adding requirements?

The Policies and Procedures content that you usually complete in the classroom is going away. You will no longer cover the content in the classroom. That frees between 30 minutes and 2 or more in each certification class.

  • How will I get the vouchers for the IPC Essentials for the mandatory modules? 

The IPC Essentials will no longer be a separate program that would be purchased as a stand-alone module. The Enhanced P&P (E-P&P) is a required module that is being added as a co-requisite to all certification programs. There will be no separate fee for the IPC Essentials program. When a student is registered for any certification course, that student will be granted access to complete the E-P&P and related exam on his or her own time (or company time) outside of the live presentation of the content for the particular IPC Certification course.

  • I've already taken the IPC Essentials, do I have to take it again?  

No, If the individual is of the opinion that he/she knows enough about both subjects (or perhaps has recently taken another certification course and remembers the content from that viewing) then the exam can be taken without viewing either presentation.

In short, the E-P&P is intended to be an independent study by the certification candidates before the live class presentation.

A second option is for the instructor to present the content in class, to the whole group, and then the students would take the exam.

The third option is for students to select the check box of his/her own choosing, bypassing both presentations of the IPC Essentials and the Policies & Procedures and just take the exam.

  • What if my student fails in EDGE 2.0?

There is no longer a $10 per module retest price level available. Any candidate who fails the initial attempt of any module will have the option of 1, free retest. A second failure of any module means that the student is done with that class and must be enrolled in a new, full-fee class.